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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long does it take to get a book published?

A. Depending on several factors, but if your manuscript is ready, you can have a book published within weeks of your initial consultation. If you already have a design and cover, it is even much faster.

Q. Why should I self-publish?

A.  As a self-published author, you retain all rights and controls of your book. Also, it is getting increasingly more difficult to find brick-and-mortar publishing houses that will take on new or unheard-of authors. Unless you have an already establsihed and large following, self-publishing is a way to get your book "out there."

Q. How do I market my book?

A. CreateSpace has an amazing marketing program that is FREE. However, you can pay for more services that will get your book more coverage. Also, use free services like social media and your own website. We will help you come up with a marketing plan, but if you are looking for very broad coverage, you may want to consider a paid marketing firm.

Q. If CreateSpace is free and available to anyone, why should I use Focus Forward Publishing?

A. If you have the time and are comfortable with the CreateSpace process, as well as being creative in designing your book's interior and cover, you do not need FFP. However, if you would rather focus on writing and not the logistics of publishing, we may be your answer.

Q. What does FFP need from me to get started?

A. If you are finished or are neqrly finished with your manuscript, contact Greg at gregtyree@rocketmail.com. He will arrange a phone consultation during which he determines your needs and ascertains if FFP is right for you. After that, everythng can be done by email. Each client is handled in a way that suits the client.