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Youtube, Audio Messages, Etc.
Greg's Messages at Sermon.net
Audio Messages at GracePointe Church
I preach each week at GracePointe Baptist Church in Madison Heights, VA (www.GracePointeChurchAC.com). Click the picture of my church to take you to a list of audio messages. The most recent messages are at the bottom. Thanks.
Original song called "Heaven." This is not recorded professionally, but I thought it could be a blessing to people who are intersted in the topic of Heaven.
Redemption Concert Clip
This is just a short clip from our debut concert. We have sense added another player, Stephen Tyree on bass.
Another video clip of Redemption live
"Unplugged" 8-31-13
Over the years I have written some eighty songs. Here is a collection of about a dozen of them. You can get the CD at Amazon.com, or download the MP3 album.
Buy the CD at Amazon.com
Download the MP3 Album at Amazon.com
I call this album "Simplicity" because each song is done simply with just a guitar or keyboard and melody vocal only. No background vocals, no other instruments; just simplicity. Unlike my last album, "Selections," which included songs covering a period of over 20 years, all of these songs have been written in the past few years.
Buy the CD at Amazon.com
Download the MP3 Album at Amazon.com
Here is a collection of original songs that come from the heart and speak of my personal and spiritual journey. They describe serendipity in more ways than one.
Buy the CD at Amazon.com
This is a collection of original Christmas songs dating as far back as fifteen years. They will help you focus on faith and family during the holidays.
Buy the CD at Amazon.com
My First Published Article