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Gregory K. Tyree, B.S, M.Min., D,Min., Ph.D,
112 Center Street
Madison Heights, VA 24572
Cell: 434-227-6348
Ministry Objective

To glorify God in all that I do, and to seve Him as a pastor in a vibrant, relevant, and effective ministry dynamic, growing, making disciples, and reaching the community and world with the life-changing power of the Gospel of Christ.

Career Objective

To add value to a worthy organization which serves the community, while utilizing my gifts, skills, and experience to help the organization be successful; and to add to my own wellbeing by doing fulfilling and noble work and receiving appropriate financial reward.

Key Strengths

I am a people-person who thrives in relational situations, having an ability to gain trust and confidence from clients and colleagues. My knowledge of human nature and experience with people within diverse and eclectic environments has prepared me to be successful within a challenging and people-oriented career. Additionally, I am a strong detail-oriented administrator, leader, and team member. I excel in the areas of administration, communication, marketing, coaching, people-development, program development, client service, grant writing, and strategic planning. As a communicator, I possess strong speaking and writing skills. I have managed several multi-staff organizations, and enjoy mentoring and encouraging others.

Key Accomplishments

I have made significant organizational contributions in both the non-profit and finance-driven market sectors. Among these accomplishments are: improving the family selection process for GLHFH; expanding the outreach of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC); effectively launching a new satellite office, which was named Non-Profit Business of the Year in 2012, for the same FQHC; effectively leading several financial centers towards growth and vitality; consulting a failing non-profit organization and directing it through the turnaround process; raising significant funds for several organizations; working closely in inner-city and multi-cultural health and rehabilitation environment; mobilizing executive leaders in cooperative efforts across a regional demographic; increasing the quality and quantity of healthcare provided to the poor, uninsured, and Latino population in a nearby region; and grant writing to secure funds for non-profit services to the local community.

Career Experience

Founder and Pastor, GracePointe Church, Madison Heights, VA
As a bi-vocational pastor, I am leading a group of committed believers in a unique and contemporary church (affiliated with SBC and SBCV) which is meeting the needs of the unchurched, formerly churched, and new believers by offering a ministry environment that is upbeat, positive, casual, and relevant, within a strong evangelical context and on a foundation of Biblical integrity. Just in its sixth year, this church has already attained permanent facilities which are debt free. See www.GracePointeChurchAC.com.


Founder and Director, Association of Small Church Pastors

The Association of Small Church Pastors (ASCP) exists to serve pastors of small church (defined as less than 150 in attendance) and bi-vocational pastors. Using the REACH model, we desire to: provide RESOURCES; offer ENCOURAGEMENT; network through ASSOCIATION; build an online COMMUNITY; and generally HELP one another. We believe that those serving small churches are best equipped to help others who do the same. While any and all Bible-preaching pastors are invited to join our association, all elements of the REACH model are geared toward small-church pastors and bi-vocational pastors. See http://www.gregoryktyree.com/site/default.asp?sec_id=180014801

President, Focus Forward Coaching Academy

I founded the Focus Forward Coaching Academy (FFCA) as a way to help others Focus Forward and find their purpose in life. I believe that "significant success" goes way beyond (and may not even include) financial wealth and material gain. I believe that character is more important than reputation, and that productive behaviors depend on right thinking. Using my books and resources, I am helping to train motivated laypeople in the areas of life-focusing, life-mapping, marriage coaching, leadership, and conflict management. I also specialize in "Turnaround Church" strategies, as well as organizational health. See http://www.gregoryktyree.com/site/default.asp?sec_id=180014386

President, Focus Forward Publishing

Focus Forward Publishing (FFP) is the imprint of my personal books (see GregoryKTyree.com). As an independent author and self-publisher, I have published over twenty books. I specialize in self-help, life-focusing, relationships (especially marriage and family), and church-growth and leadership. FFP is available to a select number of self-publishers who desire to see their books in print but do not know how to get started. For a reasonable fee, I work clients on designing, editing, and publishing their own books. I do not advise on content or subject matter; that is the author's domain. See http://www.gregoryktyree.com/site/default.asp?sec_id=180014387#

GregoryKTyree, Madison Heights, VA

Transitioning (re-branding) from LeadingPoint Ministries and NorthPoint Life Coaching to GregoryKTyree (Faith/Family/Focus/Forward), I focus on writing books and resources for personal growth, professional development, and church health, as well as coaching and consulting. Using my own FORWARD Coaching Model and My-Own-Life-Focus Self-Coaching Model, I help success-minded people be more focused and effective. See www.GregoryKTyree.com.
2012- Present   
Family Services Manager, Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity
I work with deserving families to help them obtain affordable and decent housing. I am responsible for identifying and recruiting applicants, screening and underwriting applications, and selecting the families who are approved for our program. I am also responsible for our organizations marketing, internet, and social media. See www.LynchburgHabitat.org.

Program Manager, Rural Health Outreach Program, Lovingston, VA
I led an award-winning team (Best Small Business: Non-Profit) of clinicians and case workers to serve the low-income and uninsured of Nelson County, Amherst County, and surrounding areas to provide health services and education to hundreds of people, as well as provide regular health coaching to those without health insurance. I was responsible for finding, writing, and managing grants, as well as spearheading the program’s fundraising efforts.
Manager, Wachovia Bank and BB&T Bank, Lynchburg, VA
I worked as branch manager in several branches, overseeing the overall performance of each office, and leading the teams in sales and service. I effectively met branch goals and improved the customer base of the branches I served. I assisted many clients in reaching their financial goals, and was heavily involved in underwriting loans. I mentored and coached team members to excel at their careers and in life.
Non-Profit Sector Experience
As a practitioner, I have extensive experience in executive leadership within the church and religious non-profit environment. I led several organizations (including a region of 150 churches and a school) through extensive growth, including increased revenues and budget increases, land acquisitions and building expansions, staff development and improved services, and general growth of health and organizational strength. The skills learned and associated results in these organizations have greatly enhanced my ability to be successful in the marketplace.  

Awards and Recognitions

- (Leader of) Non-Profit Small Business of the Year Award (2012)
- Minister of the Year Award (2013)

Books Authored

- The GracePointe Story (The First Ten Years)
- Soar High (a collection of "Gregism")
- The Seven Best Decisions You May Ever Make
- Ryhmes and Reasons (a collection of proginal poems, volumes one, two, and collection [one and two])
- The Power of a Positive Attitude (Including Workbook and Audio-Book)
- My Own Life Focus (Including Workbook and Audio-Book)
- My Own Life Map (Life-Mapping)
- My Own Life Time (Time-Management)
- Redeeming the Time (Time-Management for Pastors)
- The Master's Peace (Resolving Conflict in the Church)
- How to Lead Someone to Christ
- Forward-Focused Counseling and Coaching
- Helping Your Church Discover Its Next Pastor
- God Can Turn Your Church Around (Turnaround Manual for Churches in Decline)
- Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
- Understand Your Personality
- Operation: Ordination
- 30 Days to a Better Marriage
- Growing In God's Word
- Passion-Driven Giving
- In My Own Words 
- Why I Still Do Altar Calls 

- Preaching the Rapture
- Preaching the Baptist Distinctives
- Preaching the Cross and the Resurrection 
- Christ's Church Aflame! Volume One (Commentary on the Book of Acts)
- Christ's Church Aflame! Volume Two 
- Christ's Church Aflame! Volume Three (Due to be released early 2015)
- Christ's Church Aflame! Volume Four (Due to be released late 2015)

Education and Training


Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, B.S.(1983)
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary (Graduate Work)
Trinity Seminary (Newburgh, IN), Ph.D.(Past Candidate)
TESF- M.Min.(1993)
TESF- D.Min. (1995)
Atlantic Coast Theological Seminary, Ph.D. (2013)
Masters Certificate in Leadership and Management (2015-current)

Virginia Fundraising Institutes (2009, 2010, 2011)                                                     
Microsoft Excel Basic and Advanced Courses (2012)                                     
Coach Training Alliance (CTA)                                                                   
World Coach Institute (WCI)                                                              
Certificate in Internet Marketing (Alison)                                               
Certificate in Non-Profit Marketing (CVCC)                                                 
Diploma in Business Management (Alison)                                      
Diploma in Project Management (Alison)                                         
Diploma in Human Resources (Alison) 
Certificate- Using Twitter in Social Marketing (Alison)
Certified Homebuyer Educator (VHDA)
Certified Fair Housing Counselor (VFHO)
Certified Housing Counselor (VAHC)
Certificate in Banking (Alison)
Diploma in Social Media Marketing (Alison)
Diploma in Operations Management (Alison) 
Master Certificate in Business Management (Master Class Management)      
Fundraising for the Non-Profit (Alison)
Diploma in Customer Service (Alison)
Certificate- Bridges Out of Poverty (Lynchburg Conference)
Homeownership Comprehensive Counceling Certification (VAHC)
Certified Loan Originator (American Banking Association)
Social Media Marketing Certificate
Housing Specialty Rental Counselor Certification (VAHC)

Credentials and Certifications


Ordination, Grace Baptist Church, Madison Heights, VA 


American Academy of Ministry


Billy Graham School of Evangelism


Bethany Family Counseling Certification


Solution-Focused Counseling


Stephen Olford Institute of Preaching- Expository Preaching


Stephen Olford Institute of Preaching- Advanced Expository Preaching


Natural Church Development, Advanced Training and Coaching, St. Charles, IL


Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through WCI
Certified Business Coach (CBC)
Certified Relationship Coach (CRC)
Certified Bereavement Coach (CBC)


Certified Housing Counselor (VAHC)
Certified Fair Housing Counselor (VFHO)
Master Focus Forward Coach (FFCA)


Homeownership Comprehensive Counsleor Certification (VAHC) 
Certified Loan Originator (ABA)


Social Media Marketing Certificate (Skillpath)  
Human Resources Certificate (CareerTrack)


Affiliate Member- Association of Independent Authors (AiA)
Active Member- International Association of Coaching (IAC)
Active member- The Bivocational and Small Church Leadership Network (BSCLN)
Active Member-  American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)
Active Member- International Association of Christian Coaches (IACC)

Active Member- Virginia Association of Housing Counselors (VAHC)
Coordinator- Association of Small Church Pastors

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy writing and blogging, writing and playing music (piano, guitar), singing, reading, listening to music, playing chess and collecting chess sets, and attempting to play golf. Most of all, I love spending time with my family every chance I get!
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