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Gregory K Tyree, PhD
159 Glae Road
Madison Heights, VA 24572
Email: gregtyree@rocketmail.com

I am a common man living an uncommon life. Not because my life is special, or any better than anyone else's, but that it is my life. And just like you, I have dreams, face obstacles, and have made mistakes. But looking back is not productive, and looking forward keeps me focused on the right things.

First and foremost, I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I have loved Him since I was eleven years old. Sensing a calling from God at the young age of 16, I surrendered to fulltime ministry, went to Liberty University, married the love of my life, and became pastor of my first church in 1989. Since then, I have pastored three more churches, including my current congregation, GracePointe Church, which I founded in 2005.

My second love and calling is my family. Lois and I fell in love in college, and were married December 30, 1983. We have had a wild and interesting ride, not all of which has been happy and good. Nevertheless, our marriage is a true success story, and I am thankful for the more than three and a half decades with her. This union has yielded two beautiful (now adult) children, Lauren, married to Robert Turner, and Stephen, married to Jolie.  My first grandbaby, Scarlett Blair Turner, was born in September 2019. I am very proud of them, and they are my joy.

I enjoy helping others, whether it is through my ministry, my work with Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity, or through my personal work as an author. My books are featured on this site. My PhD thesis focused on turning around severely declining churches.  

My desire is to "focus forward," and if I have the privilege to do so, have others join me in the journey. So if you would like to get to know me better, could benefit from coaching, or want to know more about my books and resources, please contact me. I would love to focus forward with you.
Gregory K. Tyree

My Vision is really a series of four words: FAITH, FAMILY, FOCUS, FORWARD.

My Mission is to:




I have known Dr. Greg Tyree for a number of years now. It has always been my method of standing back and watching to see if someone actually practices what they preach; Greg does just that. He articulates his experiences in the most down-to-earth and practical ways in his writings; instructions for combat by one who is actually in the trenches. In fact, our surety of him and his sincerity was borne out by an award of “Minister of the Year” from Amherst Theological Seminary. We wholeheartedly commend Dr. Greg Tyree.
Dr. Dave Cash
Chancellor of Amherst Theological Seminary
Pastor, Solid Rock Baptist Church

I have known Dr. Tyree for more than twenty-five years and I can tell you he is a very trustworthy man and minister of God's Word. He is a father, a loving and caring husband, an excellent student and proclaimer of God’s Holy Scriptures. He has MORE than a head knowledge of God' Word and work. His integrity, in my opinion is impeccable. As for his ability to counsel individual with a multiplicity of problems you will find him compassionate, but also straightforward, honest, and helpful. I have sought advice from Greg myself and found him very useful and helpful. However, he CANNOT walk on water! Not only does he possess various educational degrees from several institutions, he holds one of the most prestigious and useful degrees and that is an ongoing PHD in the University of Hard Knocks!!

Rev. Curtis C. Adkins, ThM.
Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Amelia, VA

I have known Dr. Greg Tyree for many years. I have preached in every church that he has pastored. I assure you that he is well-qualified to write on the subject of church leadership because of his extensive research, but more importantly, his real-life experience. Some people write books only from a theoretical standpoint, but Greg has applied his extensive research with what he has learned in turning several congregations around.

Dr. Bob Davis
Bob Davis Evangelistic Association
Concord, VA

Dr. Greg Tyree has proven to be an asset to the Church. Greg has been a spiritual mentor and pastoral encouragement to me personally for the past 20 years. His personable and Biblical ministry, both in his writing and speaking, has benefited our church family here at Calvary. You will enjoy his engaging approach to ministry and profit from his years of wisdom in the pastorate. You will find Dr. Tyree to be a friend both to pastor and church and you will grow to appreciate and love the services and resources of LeadingPoint Ministries.

Pastor Joe Fauth
Calvary Bible Church
Wrightsville, PA

My Own Life Focus written by Gregory Tyree laid out the steps that I have in my mind on how I wish to move forward in my life.  The Step Seven Strategies I will read again and again.  The past is just that; the past. And we all must learn from our own history and grow.  I love it that Greg wrote: "When we have a positive attitude, we don’t allow our circumstances to control us or our feelings.  We refuse to become a victim of circumstance.  We are able to stay on track and headed toward our own true north because we maintain a healthy and positive attitude that, as corny as it sounds, does determine our altitude (our success, significance, and legacy)”.  I will continue to read and reread this book to reinforce the path I plan of following in my life.  Gregory Tyree was a high school friend who I am glad our paths have crossed again this book I will recommend to friends.

Beck Wagoner

Greg Tyree has ministered to me and my church on several occasions. We are "repeat customers." He is a model leader, who exemplifies Christ-like leadership and is eminently qualified to help others in the area of leadership and church turnaround. Whether seeking spiritual renewal or leadership and evangelism training, Dr. Tyree can help your ministry. I am sure that pastors and leaders will find his insight to be invaluable.

Pastor Paul Ort
First Baptist Church
Egg Harbor City, NJ

Dr. Greg Tyree is a practitioner. The many voices of researchers, pollsters, and former pastoral leaders have brought their insights to the discussion of turnaround. But, the realities of local church leadership change quickly. There is no substitute for input from front line leaders. You'll find Greg's suggestions and principles come from real life experiences of one who is doing it!

Dr. Gene Wood
Author of Leading Turnaround Churches
President of Leading Turnaround Consultants

Greg is a an excellent leader from whom you can learn many things. I have worked with Greg for the last three years and have seen him model leadership. He has been instrumental in teaching me many of the things that I should not do as a leader.

Andrew Brown,

Greg does not direct others while sitting in a command center far from the battlefield. He labors in the turbulent world of turning churches around. This gives his books an air of authenticity. He knows how to grow healthy churches. As you read his books, you will discover what prevents many churches from reaching their God-given potential. You will learn how to turn negative situations into opportunities to glorify God.

Dr. Jim Leary
Conflict Resolutions International



GracePointe Baptist Church

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